General Information

Booking can be made by phoning Janet Evans Swim School on 07 4053 7935, online at or by emailing….
You can start at anytime throughout the term/year as your fees will be adjusted accordingly.

All registrations will be deemed to be ongoing unless otherwise advised by email to Janet Evans Swim School. To ensure that you are not charged for the next term of lessons, such written advice should be provided at least two weeks before the conclusion of each term of lessons.

Saturday classes are in great demand.  Obviously if you work all week you will need a Saturday lesson.  It is for this reason that I try to accommodate the week day working parents on this day.  Please be reminded that if you are booked in for classes on a Saturday and decide to go away for the weekend you are not entitled to a makeup.


  1. Will only be done as a result of illness – no other reason will be accepted
  2. Notification of your absence must be given well in advance of your lesson, preferably at least 24 hours, to give me time to fill your spot with someone needing a makeup of their own
  3. There are only 2 makeup lessons per term
  4. Makeup lessons are not carried over into the next term
  5. Makeup lessons can not be done in the last 2 weeks of term
  6. No make up classes for lightning (see below)

There are no makeups for lightning or tropical cyclones as they are part of our tropical lifestyle and as unfortunate as they are in affecting our schedules and routines they are unavoidable. I will do as much as possible to prevent the loss of lesson time.

Again, as a result of out tropical lifestyle, dirt and sweat are a part of everyday life – particularly with children.  It is not only a requirement of this swim school, it is highly recommended by health authorities that all swimmers shower before swimming.  This requirement is not meant to offend or to be taken personally.  It simply allows for cleaner water and a healthier environment.  It is good to introduce children to this habit early.  Please note that adults entering the water are also included.

Bathing caps are a must for long hair for many reasons.  Health wise, it is advised that all swimmers wear caps when frequenting high patronage pools including learn to swim pools.  There is nothing worse than swimming through clumps of matted hair suspended in the water. As well, hair of any length in or on children’s faces becomes a distraction and especially annoying when doing lessons.

Not compulsory but highly recommended for lessons. Goggles enable  children to relax under the water and heighten their learning experience.  Additionally, many children’s eyes are sensitive to the chemicals used in the sanitation of swimming pools.  This can interfere with both learning and enjoyment.  It is also advisable to encourage children to play swim without goggles.  Goggles are a learning aid but we should not be completely reliant upon them.

I have the standard rules in relation to behaviour in and around the swimming pool.  I believe that prevention is better then cure and these rules are enforced for your child’s safety.  I ask that you ensure your child is aware of the pool rules and any emergency procedures that you are required to know.  I also require your assistance in ensuring that these rules are followed.  Your child’s safety is the priority within this swim school, minimising any risk of accident or injury to your child or any others.

Only bring prams into the pool as if it is absolutely necessary.

This is a no smoking, no alcohol area.

It is a requirement that you accompany children to the toilet.  It is not nice to clean up unnecessary, avoidable messes. Your assistance in this area is appreciated.

Toys are made available for your child’s enjoyment.  It is required that you assist your child to put the toys/blocks away when they are finished playing.

Children need to eat and will generally eat all day long.  Please make sure that you clean up any food mess that your child makes.  It is completely unacceptable  for you to walk away and leave a mess for others to walk around and for me to clean up.  No food in the play pen area.