Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to fill in the Pupil Information/Enrolment Sheet?
Yes, the pupil information sheet must be filled out on enrolment by everyone. Also, if your details have changed since you first enrolled, please fill out another form. You can download a copy to email back to me here.

What are the other forms I am required to know about?
You are required to read and comply with the swim school information booklet, swim school pool rules and emergency evacuation plan. This information is for the safety of you and your children and contributes to the smooth running of this swim school. It is also a legal requirement that you know and understand the evacuation plan. This information should also be passed on to your children. If you are unsure of anything, please let me know.

If I pay for the full term, do I get a discount?
Yes, you do receive a discount if you pay for the full term (Option 1) however payment must be made by Week 3 of the term. After that, the full price must be paid. If you are not paying for full term, then you are required to use Option 2. See FEES sheet. Only two options for payment (Option 1 & 2 ) are available. Lessons cannot be paid for one at a time.

Can I make my payments electronically?
Yes, you can pay online. If you pay this way, your e-banking receipt should be placed in the payment folder. At times there have been deposits made without referencing names, which are difficult for me to identify. Please see Page 4 of your swim school booklet.

What should I do if we are going away?
If you need to start the term late or you are going away, there are two options for you. If you would like your spot held for your return, a holding fee is required to be paid. Alternatively, you can forfeit your spot and risk trying to re-enrol on your return. Please bear in mind that we have a waiting list and it is likely that your preferred lessons may not be available. Holding fee is $7 per lesson paid in advance.

Do you do make-up lessons if we miss a class?
Yes, we do make-up lessons but ONLY if your child is ill and I receive notification of this illness prior to lesson commencement. Due to the heavy enrolments, make-up lessons cannot be guaranteed, but every attempt will be made. More information is available on Page 2 of your swim school booklet. Please make sure that you read this.

What do my baby and I wear?
All babies must wear swim nappies. Nappies can be worn alone or under a swimsuit. Parents should be dressed accordingly in swimwear. Long hair should be tied up and it is good idea to wear a hat/cap to help decrease the effect of water being splashed on your face.

What do my children require to commence swim lessons?
All children can wear goggles and it is requested that all children wear swim caps (see Bathing Caps P 2.). Swimwear should be suitable and allow unrestricted movement. Long shorts (boardies) should not be worn while learning to swim as they hold too much water. Some girls strappy, tie up swim suits can be annoying and come undone. Sunsuits are good until they lose their elasticity. The standard lycra swimming costume/sunsuit is the best.