Advance Learn to Swim

Most children will be able to swim freestyle, backstroke and have basic knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly. Again, we do lots of kicking drills. We talk about our stroke and the swimmers are taught the right stroke mechanics. They are explained properly so swimmers learn why it is important to do it correctly.

Strength, conditioning and fitness are very important in enabling children to learn to swim properly. In all classes of learn to swim, I focus on increasing the swimmers level of fitness. Their feel for the water will develop the more they swim. The introduction of the pace clock has helped to speed things up and allowed us to work small sets of swimming into the afternoon program, in preparation for further advancement. Children learn to use the clock properly in their training sessions. Starts and turns are usually introduced, including tumble turns.

At Janet Evans Swim School we also have the fortune to be able to consult with Glen Evans, who was the coach of Saints Swimming Club for 30 years. Mr Evans (who is Janet’s dad) has produced many Australian champion swimmers and now assists with the Advanced classes most days. He provides guidance with the mechanics of drills associated with developing better stroke technique for more advanced swimmers.

Class Age Time Program Overview

Advanced Learn to Swim

Ability assessed

From 4.15 pm Mon-Fri Sat am

Ability assessed – for the more advanced swimmer – competent in freestyle, backstroke and has an understanding of breaststroke – introduction of butterfly