Water Babies – Baby Swimming Lessons

Baby swimming lessons are held in the early morning and are directed towards helping you, the parent, confidently teach your child to enjoy the water. Having fun is essential as children learn through play.

Our aim is to create a happy and safe environment in which your child can acquire water safety skills while stimulated to develop physically, socially and intellectually. Water play offers increased confidence, sensory stimulation, improved co-ordination and carer and child bonding. This is probably the only time you will see me playing excessively in our program.

After this class it’s down to business and children are introduced to the next class level. From experience, a formalised class structure is most successful and therefore we leave most of the playing of games to you to do in your social swim times.

Class Age Time Program Overview
Water babies 5 mths-3 yrs Mornings Mon-Sat Water awareness and familiarity, balance/strength – handled by parents under the supervision of qualified instructor