Kindy Kids – Kindy Swimming Lessons

3-4 years (depends on how comfortable they are in the water)

If you have progressed from Water Babies into Kindy Kids group at Janet Evans Swim School, you will be well prepared for the next level. If you are new to this swim school and your child is anxious or hesitant to leave you, we have classes to allow the transition to be as stress-free for both of you as possible. If you think your child falls into this category just mention it on enrolment and I will sort it out for you. Always remember, for whatever reason, children develop at their own pace. There is nothing wrong with them still wanting you around. They will learn far better if they are happy with their environment and should not be dragged kicking and screaming into a pool just because we think they are of age. At this level, we focus again on familiarising your child with the aquatic environment- the development and understanding of what the water does to our body.

We focus on:
• balance and strength
• control in the water
• kicking (lots of it)
• breathing (and blowing bubbles)
• entries and exits, including returning to the wall

We even do safety tasks at this age. Lessons are fun-based with serious undertones hidden within the drills we put the child to work at. These safety messages are delivered without them knowing we are actually preparing them to become better, safer swimmers.

The transition from Kindy Kids to Pre-school/Prep is barely noticeable. Along the way, your child has become stronger, more focussed and has begun to understand their limitations. They may try harder to achieve and enjoy pleasing you and their teacher, so it becomes easier to hold their attention and set challenges for them.

Please remember that all children being different might mean that your child is still not focused. There is no need to worry, this will happen. Boys in particular then to find life easy to handle if there is a ball in one hand and food in the other, and tend on the whole to develop later. It all works out in the end, so don’t despair.