Learn to Swim Level 1 & 2

At this level most children will now be at school and have become used to the formalities of sitting, listening and following instructions and directions. Working both independently and as a group should now be easier, so for the teacher life becomes somewhat easier – some days… These classes are held after school so children’s brains may be tired. It is important to make sure that all children have eaten well before their lesson. Something easily digestible that provides immediate energy. Focusing is hard when you’re out of fuel! We touch on all previously learnt skills and brush up where needed. More work on freestyle and backstroke, introducing drills to perfect technique. We also start preparation for learning breaststroke and butterfly.

Class Age Time Program Overview
Learn to Swim 1 & 2
5 & over
From 3.15 pm Mon – Fri Sat am
As above – confidence, buoyancy, and breathing skills – introduction of stroke techniques and correct breathing