Pre-School – Prep Swimming Lessons

In these classes we are still focused on water familiarisation and awareness. This includes confidence, buoyancy and breathing skills. We introduce more stroke techniques with side breathing. Kicking technique is re-visited, with lots and lots of practice. We also introduce the pace clock in preparation for more advanced swimming. Swimmers begin to learn to read the clock and start doing small sets to increase their fitness and conditioning. Just a small taste of professional side of swimming they may wish to pursue.

Water safety is practiced and includes safe entry and exits. Rescues are practiced at certain times during term and we talk a lot about being safe and sensible in the water. Other strokes are introduced and we start to learn to dive.

Lessons become a little more focused again with swimmers learning to work together in groups. They enjoy group challenges, as by now most have become aware of competing with their peers. While this is not encouraged at this age, you can see it surfacing…and if directed correctly it can be a good thing. Keep in mind that this competitive streak may become an essential tool a little later in life.

Class Age Time Program Overview

Pre-School / Prep

4 – 5 years

Late morning /Early afternoons

As above – confidence, buoyancy, and breathing skills – introduction of stroke techniques and correct breathing